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South Australian Government Introduces
- Electric Vehicle Recharge Infrastructure Grants
Added by admin 31/5/12

The South Australian Government is committed to reducing greenhouse gas emissions and improving our environment. Electric Vehicles (EVs), combined with the ongoing decarbonisation of South Australia’s electricity supply, will increasingly contribute to reducing transport-related emissions. To support early EV uptake, the SA Government is implementing a grant program to run until June 2013. Organisations can apply for one-off grants of $4,000 (ex GST) to assist with the installation and maintenance of electric vehicle recharging infrastructure (EVRI) for public use. more...


Nissan LEAF on sale here in Australia as from next month (June 2012)
Added by admin 29/5/12

This 100% electric vehicle is a medium size car and will be selling for approx. $A56,000 on the road. This EV has a 24kWh lithium-ion battery pack and offers a range of up to 170 km, depending on driving conditions. Maximum speed is around 140km/hr. It is front wheel drive with the batteries mounted under the seating positions. There is plenty of passenger room and boot (trunk) space. It is available in five colours.
Reserve your LEAF now, with no obligation at www.nissan.com.au/leaf  or call 1800 532 338 as numbers will be limited in the first few months. This link also has more information about the LEAF including a downloadable spec sheet.


Stranded Electric Vehicle motorists can now put to rest range and environmental concerns
Added by admin 21/5/12

Club Assist Puts the "Green" in Electric Vehicle Roadside Assistance with WORLD FIRST "Lithium" Mobile EV Charger
One of the world's trusted motoring club partners, Club Assist, has unveiled a WORLD FIRST with the "Lithium Mobile EV Charger". The lithium-powered charger is the first clean, green, Level 2 EV charging solution for emergency roadside assistance.
The solution developed by Club Assist is an innovation that offers quicker, smoother and quieter roadside battery charging assistance, with a development which is the most environmentally friendly solution to hit the market to date. more... PDF


Toyota Prius Plug-In Hybrid overtakes sales of Chevy VOLT in the US.
Added by admin 11/5/12

April 2012 figures showed that more 2012 Toyota Prius plug-ins (over 1,600) have sold than Chevy VOLTs, for that month. (just over 1,400). more... EVWorld


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