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Electric Drive for MPs?
Added by admin 22/6/12

ComCar, the agency that manages the fleet of cars used by Australian politicians is to trial the e-Commodores developed by the Port Melbourne based EV Engineering consortium. If the trial is successful we may see our politicians driving "zero emission".
more... www.evengineering.com.au Picture: Ben Swinnerton
Click photo for YouTube part 1 - Click here for YouTube part 2


Key Holden dealers selected to sell the VOLT.
Added by admin 13/6/12

49 of the 270 Holden dealers throughout Australia have now been selected to sell the Holden VOLT Extended Range EV later this year. South Australian dealers selected are Peter Page Holden at Elizabeth, City Holden in Adelaide, Hamilton Holden at Somerton Park and Metro Holden at Thebarton. more...GoAuto.com.au


Transport for the disabled - no longer a hassle, enter the KENGURU
Added by admin 12/6/12

One major issue facing transportation is accessibility, especially for those in wheelchairs. From public to personal transit, a wheelchair presents unique mobility challenges. Sure, it's possible to outfit existing vehicles for wheelchair accessibility, but the process is expensive and doesn't always yield a complete, integrated solution. That's where Kenguru changes things. The Kenguru is an electric vehicle with no seats, that allows drivers to control the car from their wheelchair.  Info:Translogic  more...YouTube  and KENGURU CARS Pflugerville, Texas.


Holden puts VOLT on trial
Added by admin 7/6/12

As part of the Victorian Government’s Electric Vehicle Trial, eight Holden employees will be "testing" the new Holden VOLT E-REV (Extended Range Electric Vehicle) for a period of 12 weeks.
more... Car Advice    Review: Motoring - Ninemsn


Tesla Motors announces that it will be delivering the first of the Model S sedans to customers in the US this month
Added by admin 5/6/12

The Tesla 2013 Signature Model S at a starting price of $US87,900 has sold out in the US. They will be delivering this new model from June 22nd. Other model available later in the year will start at $US49,900.
The Tesla Model S will not be available in Australia until at least 2013. more... Edmonds INSIDE LINE


Toyota Australia defers decision on plug-in Prius until at least 2015 model
Added by admin 1/6/12 - update 27/11/12(italics)

Toyota Australia says no Prius plug-in or extra Prius models for the next few years. They confirmed that it will not introduce a plug-in version of its Prius hybrid until at least 2015, when the next-generation model is expected to emerge. more... GoAuto.com.au
Current models with 4.3kWh battery packs were tested in Australia and found to have an electric range of only 23km. This was found to be inadequate. 


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