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Electric Commodore Breaks Record
Added by admin 24/7/12

The Australian-engineered and developed fully-electric Holden Commodore has unofficially broken the world distance record set by a production electric car, achieving 1886 kilometres of pure electric driving over a 24-hour period on the weekend.
more... RenewEconomy and more... E.V.Engineering


Nissan Leaf Battery Can't Take Arizona Heat, Dealerships Knocking $5,000 Off Price
Added by admin 20/7/12

The Nissan Leaf is a top player in the electric vehicle (EV) industry, but one major issue that sometimes plagues these vehicles is the battery -- and the Leaf's battery seems to be taking a lot of heat.
Leaf owners in Arizona have recently complained that their EVs are losing significant capacity in the desert's hot heat. more... DailyTech


More Power per Kg
Added by admin 9/7/12

The China Aviation Lithium Battery company has come up with a Lithium Iron Phosphate cell, the CALB CA, which has claims of increased high rate discharge capacity, higher power density and better thermal characteristics in more ways than one. Jack Rickard of EVTV (weekly internet "TV" show) is doing extensive tests on these new cells to try and confirm the claims. more... and more... CALB website...


Bright New Spark for Holden
Added by admin 3/7/12

An electric car with a Holden badge can be yours for about $60,000.
Holden has confirmed the $59,990 price of its "range-extended" Volt electric vehicle, slotting it in between the V6 and V8 Calais V Commodore sedan models. Holden says the electric vehicle will arrive in the last quarter of the year. The Volt - which has an electric only range of almost 90km but 600km using the onboard engine - will be in one model specification, but also brings forward collision alert and lane departure warning safety systems to the stable for the first time.
                                                   Stuart Martin, The Advertiser, Tuesday July 3 2012, Page 15
                                                                                    Photo courtesy


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