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Toyota -More Hybrids, Less Electrics
Added by admin 24/10/12

Toyota Motor Corp. is doubling down on hybrid vehicles, unveiling plans to launch 21 gas-electric models by 2016, while scaling back its all-electric vehicle program, a top executive said Monday.
Toyota still intends to launch a zero-emission battery-powered RAV4 SUV. But it has sharply curtailed the proposed launch of an electric iQ minicar, the eQ, Takeshi Uchiyamada, Toyota's executive vice president for research and development, told reporters in Japan. Toyota's move marks the latest reappraisal by an automaker of the potential for electric vehicles. Nissan Motor Co's all-electric Leaf compact has missed its sales targets amid lower-than-expected demand for electric vehicles.  more...  The Detroit News (Autos)


Tesla Roadster Buyback Program Launched
Added by admin 18/10/12

Early adopters of the Tesla Roadster who may now be eyeing the American automaker’s more practical Model S can now trade in their convertible sports car towards a new sedan.
Tesla will buyback old Roadsters from current owners and resell them at its own stores, giving others an opportunity to own the electric convertible. Only 2,500 Roadsters were made since it first hit the market in 2008 and used ones will be much cheaper than the original $US109,000 price.
The trade-in value for the Roadster will be based on its condition after the automaker takes a detailed look at the used vehicle. Though Tesla hasn’t released what it expects to buy back the vehicles for, it did estimate that a 2010 Roadster with around 2,900 miles will be resold for $US93,500; while a 2008 model with 31,000 miles will be around $US73,300. more... AutoGuide.com


SAE Announces Electric Car Charging Plug Standard
Added by admin 18/10/12

The electric and plug-in hybrid car industry is learning the lesson of the mobile phone makers. Instead of allowing a plethora of incompatible charging plugs to sprout up, the Society of Automotive Engineers (SAE) International hopes to forestall confusion by settling on one charging plug design for North America. SAE has selected the J1772 combo plug as the standard, which uses paired couplers to allow for both AC and DC charging using the same plug.  more... Gizmag


Lotus Sets EV Speed Record
Added by admin 5/10/12

A battery-powered muscle car has smashed an electric-vehicle land speed record in a bid to prove that green car technology is not just for geeks and wimps.
The Nemesis, a modified Lotus Exige, hit 151 miles per hour on Sept. 27, besting the previous record by 14 mph.
The car was built by Ecotricity, a green energy company in the United Kingdom that hopes to put some oomph into the stalled electric vehicle market with “an out-and-out desirable sports car, capable of combustion-engine speeds and able to do 100 to 150 miles on one ‘tank’,” according to its website. Photo Courtesy & more... NBCNews.com FutureTech



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