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First affordable, mass-market fuel cell electric vehicles on market as early as 2017?
Added by admin 29/01/13

Car makers Daimler, Ford and Nissan have announced the signing of a three-way agreement for the development of a common fuel cell stack and fuel cell system for use in separately branded Fuel Cell Electric Vehicles (FCEV). With each making an equal investment, the companies hope to have "the world’s first affordable, mass-market FCEVs" on sale by 2017.

                                                              Photo and story courtesy and more: gizmag.com


Toyota Prius best-sold vehicle in California in 2012
Added by admin 27/01/13

Toyota’s Prius became the best-sold vehicle this year in California, followed by Honda’s Civic.
Toyota, which is the biggest seller of gasoline-electric vehicles, managed to sell 60,688 of the new Prius hybrids in 2012, nearly one out of every five subcompacts, the California New Cars Dealers Association reports. It bested the Honda Civic, at 57,124. Prius' ascent shows how hybrids, once considered exotic because of their ability to run on electricity alone, are becoming mainstream.
Toyota held a 21.1% market share in the state, followed by Honda at 12.5% and Ford and General Motors, each with a bit more than 11%, based on a new-vehicle registrations. Kia had the biggest increase in market share, up 53.3%.

              Story courtesy and more: Electric Vehicle News   Photo Courtesy www.autoweek.com


Experimental EV has four independently-actuated wheels
Added by admin 24/01/13

As any fan of electric cars will tell you, one of the keys to improving their range is getting their weight down. With that in mind, a team of researchers from Ohio State University are currently developing an EV that they claim weighs half as much as a conventional car. Because it's so light, handling is definitely an issue – that's why each of its wheels is independently controlled, and contains its own motor and battery pack.

                                                              Photo and story courtesy and more: gizmag.com


JAC< foldable electric scooter for urban commuters
Added by admin 23/01/13

LEEV Mobility, the Amsterdam-based company responsible for the Mantys electric golf vehicle, has gone from the fairway to the roadway for its second offering. The company's JAC< is an electric scooter that is designed to solve the first and last mile problem faced by urban commuters. A fully functional prototype has been constructed and LEEV has launched a crowdfunding campaign to get the JAC< on the road.

                                                              Photo and story courtesy and more: gizmag.com


Nissan starts US production of 2013 Leaf, vows faster charging and a lower entry price
Added by admin 19/01/13

The Leaf is quickly becoming a mainstay of the American EV scene. Nissan is very much determined to keep it that way: it's starting US production of the 2013 model year with sizable upgrades to fend off the likes of the Focus Electric. The refresh includes a lower-cost (if currently priceless) S model as well as an optional 6.6kW charger (standard on higher trim levels) that should top up the car's battery in about four hours -- almost twice as fast as the original, and more in line with newer alternatives. Nissan is also teasing us with more driving range, although it has yet to pin down just how much further we'll travel. In-cabin tech receives its own upgrade through both Google Places searches for local points of interest as well as an eco-friendly routing mode.

                                                                      Photo and story courtesy: engadget more...


Nissan UK Plant Begins Making LEAF Batteries
Added by admin 18/01/13

Nissan's new £200m battery plant in Sunderland has begun producing batteries for electric vehicles at the factory next to its Wearside car plant.
Sunderland will begin building the electric Leaf later this year and confirmed earlier the company would be producing batteries at Sunderland for its European before it announced which plant had won the race to build the European Leaf. US Leaf production and batteries began earlier this month.
News that batteries would be produced at a new plant on Wearside came in July 2009, when then-prime minister Gordon Brown and business secretary Lord Mandelson visited the Sunderland site.
Although securing the battery plant did not guarantee Leaf production would come to Sunderland, it did make the Wearside plant a front-runner.
Confirmation of the deal arrived in March 2010, when Nissan senior vice-president Andy Palmer announced: “Nissan Leaf will be built at Sunderland, making the UK the third country in the world to produce this revolutionary car.”
Work on the battery plant began just a month later, with the company’s global chief operating officer Toshiyuki Shiga performing the ground-breaking ceremony.

                                                      Photo and story courtesy: Electric Vehicle News more...


GM's Reuss promises Volt 2.0 will be thousands of dollars cheaper (US)
Added by admin 18/01/13

When GM's North America President Mark Reuss spoke on Wednesday to the Automotive News World Congress, he not only gave a strong defense of electric cars like GM's Chevy Volt, but also promised the next generation of the Volt would be a lot cheaper. GM may be wishing for a way to reduce the Volt's price now that Nissan has drastically lowered the entry level price of the Nissan Leaf. But according to Reuss, the lower priced Volt will have to wait for a redesigned Volt, in a couple years.

                                                                Photo and story courtesy: Torque News  more...


Bentley Announce Plug-in Hybrid For 2016
Added by admin 17/01/13

Battery-powered Bentleys will become a reality in as little as three years time, according to CEO Dr Wolfgang Schreiber. Speaking to us at the Detroit Motor Show, Schreiber also explained why he felt no need to add diesel models to the range.
"To be honest diesel is not really a priority for us - our main markets such as China, the US and the Middle East don't care about diesel," Schreiber told us. "It's only really popular in Europe and not even the whole of Europe, Russia for example isn't interested.
"It might actually be too late for diesel now, plug-in hybrids offers even better fuel economy and don't alienate petrol-only markets," he explained. "We won't see them for the next three years, but for us a plug-in hybrid is a must."

                                                      Photo and story courtesy: Electric Vehicle News more...


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