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ABB Unveils Ultrafast, 15-Second “Flash Charging” Electric Bus
May 31, 2013 Zachary Shahan

Added by admin 31/05/13

"We’ve covered hybrid and electric buses for awhile. They’ve been growing steadily around the world and are becoming quite the cleantech solution to urban transportation needs. But there generally isn’t much “hot” news in this arena. There may be now — ABB has just unveiled a pretty wicked-looking 100% electric bus with “ultrafast charging times.” Here’s a quote from an ABB rep to me: “Using a laser-guided arm, onboard batteries are charged in 15 seconds with a 400-kilowatt boost. At the end of the bus line, a full recharge takes 3 to 4 minutes. No overhead wires are needed. Using a new electrical drive system, energy from the roof-mounted equipment is stored in batteries along with energy produced by the braking system.” And here’s some brief speculation from one of our readers, who also spotted the story and emailed over a note: “I’m betting a hybrid ultracapacitor and battery pack….” I’ve sent some questions to the ABB rep and will update this post when I receive the answers. In the meantime, here’s the full news release from ABB (image added):"

                                                  Story and photo courtesy and more:  CleanTechnica
                                                  Video:  YouTube


Are Silent Electric Vehicles Dangerous? Aren’t All Vehicles Nearly Silent at Low Speeds?
Added by admin 31/05/13

No, because they certainly aren’t silent.
If you’ve ever witnessed an electric vehicle in motion, then you likely know that “silent operation” is not an accurate term. There’s tire noise. The rush of wind passing around the vehicle. The noise that emanates from the suspension doing its job. They don’t operate in silence. Even near-silence is a stretch when the electric vehicle is moving at speeds say faster than an avid cyclists could match, but we digress.
There’s still significant debate over the sound systems that need to be installed in electric vehicles. Final decisions on these so-called pedestrian safety systems will be written up and adopted by the US Transportation Department by January 4, 2014. That’s at the request of the NHTSA, who proposed its Pedestrian Safety Enhancement Act of 2010 back in, umm, 2010...

                                                             Story and photo courtesy and more:  Inside EVs


Kia Soul EV with 200 km range to launch in 2014
Added by admin 24/05/13

An all-electric version of the Kia Soul is still on track to launch globally in early 2014. It will be Kia’s first electric car sold outside its home market of South Korea, following up on the domestic Ray EV.
Kia World is reporting the Soul EV will be sold globally and feature a battery that will enable it to travel up to 200 km (124 miles) on a single charge. There's no word on how much power the electric motor will produce, but it will reportedly be enough to allow the car to accelerate from 0-100 km/h in less than 12 seconds and hit a top speed of 140 km/h (87 mph).
The Soul EV is expected to go on sale in the first half of 2014 and pricing is expected to start at 40 million KRW ($35,490 / €27,480)...

                                                 Story and photo courtesy and more: Electric Vehicle News


Tesla Motors Pays Back Energy Department Loan 9 Years Early
Added by admin 23/05/13

Electric automaker Tesla Motors just announced that it has paid back the nearly half a billion dollars the Department of Energy lent it in 2010. According to a company press release, today’s wire transfer of $451.8 million dollars follows two other payments in the last year and a half. U.S. taxpayers could see a $12 million profit, in addition to a thriving company employing thousands.
The loan was offered in 2009 through the Department of Energy’s Advanced Technology Vehicle Manufacturing Loan Program, which began during the Bush Administration in 2007 and was funded in 2008. The program has resulted in $34.4 billion in loans and the creation of roughly 60,000 jobs...

                                                        Story and photo courtesy and more: ClimateProgress


PolyPlus develop 800 watt hours/kilogram lithium-air cells
Added by admin 22/05/13

In the opening scene of the iconic movie of the 1960s, The Graduate, Benjamin Braddock, at a party to celebrate his college degree, is given one word of advice for his future: “Plastics.” Were young Benjamin to be receiving that advice today the word would be: “Batteries.” Steve Visco of Berkeley Lab’s Materials Sciences Division had plenty of encouraging words for young graduates on the opportunities to be had in next generation battery research. Speaking at the recent national meeting of the American Chemical Society in New Orleans, Visco discussed the enormous progress his own start-up company, PolyPlus, has made in developing lithium-metal batteries with unprecedented energy density, and how the ever-growing need for electrical energy storage will require continued innovation and development in battery research...

                                                   Story and photo courtesy and more: Electric Vehicle News


GM prices Chevy Spark EV from $17.495 after tax credits
Added by admin 22/05/13

General Motors will price its new Chevrolet Spark electric vehicle at $27,495, including destination charges and before federal tax credits, placing it among the cheapest EVs on the market.
GM said today that it kept the sticker price at less than $20,000 after a $7,500 federal tax credit is applied. It also is offering a $199 per month, 36-month lease with $999 down, matching the lease deal of the rival Fiat 500e.
The Spark EV will go on sale in some markets in California and Oregon by mid-June, GM said. Other EVs include the larger Nissan Leaf ($29,650), Fiat 500e ($33,200) and Mitsubishi i-MiEV ($29,975). All prices include destination charges.
California buyers can qualify for additional state and local tax credits and incentives of up to $2,500 reducing the price to $17,495.
The Spark EV will get the equivalent of 119 mpg in combined city and highway driving and a range of 82 miles...

                                                   Story and photo courtesy and more: Electric Vehicle News


Infiniti working on Wireless Nissan Leaf rivals
Added by admin 21/05/13

Infiniti revealed its all-electric concept car at the Paris motor show last year with a production version due by 2014.
The launch of a luxury Infiniti electric car based on the Nissan Leaf hinges on a standard process of induction charging being introduced around the world.
The new Infiniti will have a completely different exterior and interior from the Nissan hatchback and it will be used to showcase induction technology, which does away with charging cables.
“The whole concept of not having to couple up cables to a plug socket, dragging them on the ground and on you as you go, is in keeping with luxury motoring,” said Infiniti boss Andy Palmer.
“It is this technology we want to shine a light on, so while there is no world standard on methods, the roll-out will be dependent on region.”...

                                                   Story and photo courtesy and more: Electric Vehicle News


DLR researchers unveil a new kind of range extender for electric cars.
Added by admin 09/05/13

Scientists at the German Aerospace Center (Deutsches Zentrum für Luft- und Raumfahrt; DLR) have developed an entirely new kind of drive concept to extend the range of electrically powered vehicles. The free-piston linear generator (Freikolbenlineargenerator; FKLG) is a combustion engine that generates electricity. This electrical power drives the electric car when its battery is flat. In contrast to conventional range extenders, different fuels can be used in the free-piston linear generator.
Researchers at the DLR Institute of Vehicle Concepts in Stuttgart have demonstrated the feasibility of this technology on a test bench specifically developed for this purpose. This makes them the first in the world to succeed in commissioning this kind of energy converter, comprising an internal combustion component, a linear generator and a gas spring. "Innovative solutions like the free-piston linear generator will help to make electrically powered mobility an everyday reality and demonstrate the scientific strengths of Baden-Württemberg as a location," said Rolf Schumacher, the Ministerial Director at the Ministry of Finance and Economics in Baden-Württemberg, at the official inauguration ceremony for this project...

                                                      Story and more (Video) courtesy: Electric Vehicle News


An electric sports car earns Consumer Reports'  top test score.  
Added by admin 09/05/13

Slipping behind the wheel of the Tesla Model S is like crossing into a promising zero-emissions future. This electric luxury sports car, built by a small automaker based in Palo Alto, Calif., is brimming with innovation, delivers world-class performance, and is interwoven throughout with impressive attention to detail. It’s what Marty McFly might have brought back in place of his DeLorean in  “Back to the Future.” The sum total of that effort has earned the Model S the highest score in our Ratings: 99 out of  100. That is far ahead of such direct competitors as the gas-powered Porsche Panamera (84) and the Fisker Karma plug-in hybrid (57)...

                                                          Story and more... Consumer Reports    Video YouTube


The Tesla Model S is now the top selling Plug-in EV in the US.

Tesla Motors Inc ended the quarter as the top selling rechargeable auto maker in North America. Its 4,900 Model S deliveries exceeded the 4,421 sales of GM's Chevy Volt plug-in hybrid and 3,695 deliveries of Nissan Motor Co.'s Leaf...
                                                                     Photo, story and more... Electric Vehicle News


Tesla Roadster 2.5 Sport - Collectors Item Now Available...  
Added by admin 08/05/13

Truly one of a kind THE FIRST TESLA ROADSTER SPORT IN AUSTRALIA - This is your opportunity to own the very first Tesla Roadster delivered to Australia. This hand-built, carbon fibre Roadster was designed exclusively for me in 2010 and air freighted to Australia – it’s truly one of a kind.
Finished in Radiant Red Metallic with Saddle All Leather interior with Red Accent & Carbon Fibre.
Travelled only 9,400kms, it is powered by a liquid-cooled battery pack and delivering 215 kW (288 hp) and 400 Nm of instant torque. It accelerates from 0-100 km in less than four seconds leaving supercars standing still and consumes no fuel. The Roadster plugs into any conventional electrical socket and can travel up to 394 kms on a single charge. SOLD OUT AROUND THE WORLD this is one of only a limited number of Sport Variants delivered in Australia. Yours for $189,988...

                                                                                    Purchase now via CarSales.com.au


Toyota Return To Pikes Peak with Upgraded TMG EV P002  
Added by admin 06/05/13

TOYOTA Motorsport GmbH (TMG) has sent a revised TMG EV P002 to Pikes Peak International Hill Climb to defend its electric title.
Based on data gained from last year’s record-breaking run of 10mins 15.380secs, engineers at TMG’s electric vehicle technology centre have generated more performance from the TMG powertrain to further improve that mark.
The TMG EV P002 is already the benchmark for electric race cars worldwide, having demonstrated true performance and versatility in establishing the current electric records at Pikes Peak and Nürburgring Nordschleife.
The car is currently on its way to Salisbury, North Carolina where TOYOTA Racing Development U.S.A. Inc. (TRD USA) will perform aerodynamic upgrades to the Radical-based chassis as well as track testing...

                                                     Story and photo and more courtesy: Electric Vehicle News


Nissan LEAF is Norway’s Second Best-Selling Car 
Added by admin 04/05/13

Nissan’s fully electric LEAF became the second-best selling car in Norway last month. A total of 495 electric vehicles were sold in the country in April, with 455 of those models being Nissan LEAFs.
This figure gives electric vehicles a 3.5 percent overall market share. In total, Norway has had more than 11,000 electric vehicles on the road, which is impressive for a country that only has a population of five million.
It’s long been the case that Norway was Nissan’s biggest European market for its first electric vehicle, where the small family car was the 13th best selling car in 2012, and had climbed to 5th place in March 2013 but last month’s results push Nissan to new highs.
Electric vehicles are popular in Norway because they qualify for exemption to VAT and purchase tax so that they cost around the same as a conventional car. Additionally, electric vehicles benefit from exemption to toll charges, permission to drive in bus lanes and free parking and charging in public car parks. These incentives will remain in place, in Norway, until at least 2018-or until at least 50,000 zero-emission cars are on the road-giving consumers confidence to go out and buy a battery-powered car...

     Photo and more courtesy edmunds.com Story and more (video) courtesy: Electric Vehicle News


BYD Deploying 48V Vehicle Platform
Added by admin 01/05/13

At Auto Shanghai, BYD introduced its “Green Hybrid” initiative; among the technologies included in that effort is the use of a 48 VDC vehicle voltage platform using BYD’s internally developed Li-ion batteries (versus 12VDC Lead-Acid technologies).
The new 48V platform allows the battery life to be extended to the expected life of the car, and support the transition to all-LED lighting, Electronic Parking Systems, hybrid and regenerative braking, idle start-stop energy management, automatic engine starts, low rolling resistance and advanced aero-dynamic designs.
48VDC systems are not hindered by the line/harness power losses experienced with normal lower-voltage systems, BYD notes. The company is also implementing low-voltage, large-torque, double-winding motor technologies for battery-acceleration-assist and regenerative braking. These changes have been shown to save as much as 1.5 liters of fuel/100km, the company said. (on a 30 mpg car, that’s as much as a 7 mpg improvement!).

                                                       Logo courtesy BYD. Story and more: Green Car Congress


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