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BMW i3 to have 200 Mile Lithium-Air Battery by 2017
Added by admin 25/09/13

At the recent launch of the BMW i3 lithium-ion battery-electric car, BMW board member Ian Robertson said that in the next three to four years there will be more progress in battery development than in the previous 100 years. He said electric cars will have batteries with twice the current power within four to five years, which will double the range.

We reported back in January that Toyota Motor Corp and BMW AG agreed to jointly research a lithium-air battery. Lithium-air battery has its anode filled with lithium, and cathode with air.
Lithium metal-air batteries can store more than 5,000 watt-hours per kilogram. (A123 M1 cells are around 120 wh/kg) That's more than forty-times as much as today's high-performance lithium-ion batteries, and more than another class of energy-storage devices: fuel cells.
The reduction in battery mass is achieved by eliminating the need for a second reactant inside the cell. Lithium metal batteries react with oxygen in the air that is pulled in through a 'breathing' casing, making them lightweight and compact.
The technology is being studied by researchers including IBM , which is working to develop a lithium-air battery that will let electric vehicles run 500 miles on one charge....

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Toyota paints its future Prius even greener
Added by admin 04/09/13

Toyota's next-generation Prius will be leaner, greener, and – more importantly – cost less, the Japanese car-maker says.
At a company event in Michigan this week, Toyota Motor Corporation managing officer Satoshi Ogiso said the next generation of hybrid powertrains would be “significantly” more fuel-efficient, lighter, more compact and cheaper to buy than the current line-up.
Mr Ogiso said the next-generation Prius, rumoured to make its debut in the second quarter of 2015, will start “a new era for a broad range of Toyota and Lexus vehicles” and will be “the first to introduce a substantially improved family of hybrid powertrains”.
He said the performance of the next-gen powertrains would “reflect significant advances in battery, electric motor and gas engine technologies that are part of Toyota’s larger strategy towards the electrification of the automobile through hybrid, battery electric and fuel cell technologies”...

                                       Story, photo and more courtesy: GoAutoNews



Toll switches on Australia’s first all-electric truck
Added by admin 04/09/13

Australia’s leading provider of transport and logistics, Toll Group, has unveiled Australia’s first 100 per cent electric truck.
The 10-tonne Smith Electric vehicle will be used for parcel pick-ups and deliveries around Brisbane, and was on display at Toll’s Larapinta depot in Brisbane’s south today.
Market-leading express road freight business Toll IPEC will use the all-electric vehicle during an initial three-month trial that will look at how the vehicle performs in Australian conditions, and its cost to operate. Speaking at today’s unveiling, Toll Group Environment and Energy General Manager Nick Prescott said Toll is constantly looking for ways to apply new technologies and practices to reduce the consumption of non-renewable resources.
“We are extremely excited to be the first to get a look at this type of vehicle,” Mr Prescott said. “It is a shining example of the sorts of things we’re doing as part of our broader Smarter Green environmental program, which looks at the use of smarter fuels such as biodiesels, compressed natural gas and electric vehicles, but only when it makes operational and economic sense to do so. The Smith Electric adds to the many CNG, LNG and hybrid vehicles we operate in Australia and globally...

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First Range Rover Hybrid Models Take On Epic 'Silk Trail' To India
Added by admin 03/09/13

Demonstrating Land Rover's legendary capability, its latest model, the Range Rover Hybrid is being put through its final engineering sign-off drive on a grueling 9,950 mile endurance expedition.
The test, proving the new Range Rover Hybrid as the world's most capable hybrid, set off from the home of Land Rover in Solihull, UK on August 22 and will travel overland for more than seven weeks through Europe, Russia and Asia to Mumbai, India - arriving on October 15.
The Silk Trail is a historical network of interlinking trade routes which connected East, South and Western Asia with the Mediterranean and European world. Extending 4,000 miles (6,437km), the Silk Trail gets its name from the lucrative Chinese silk trade which was carried out along its length and became a significant factor in the development of the civilisations in Asia & Europe from 206BC until the late 14th Century...

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