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Panasonic to Supply Solar Roof for Prius

Added by admin 14/03/16

Posted by David Wagman - 03 March 2017

Panasonic announced an HIT Photovoltaic Module for Automobile and that it is working with Toyota to provide panels for the Prius Prime's optional solar roof.

The company says the solar roof panel allows it to fit the Prius roof without altering its shape or contour.

The panel is capable of producing 180 watts of electricity which, according to Panasonic, is enough to power vehicle accessories along with charging the car's lithium-ion battery. The solar panel may enable the Prius Prime to gain as much as 6 kilometers a day to its range.

Panasonic says that the solar cells combine a crystalline silicon substrate and an amorphous silicon film, and feature high conversion efficiency and "excellent" temperature characteristics.
                                                   Story and image courtesy: IEEE Engineering 360



Australia Post to Start Trial on Electric Delivery Vehicle

Added by admin 10/03/16

Posted on October 10, 2016 in Electric Vehicle, News Aggregate  (by psnews.com.au)

The new [Swiss built] electric delivery vehicle has 3 times the parcel carrying capacity of current motorbikes used by Australia Post and can hold up to 100 small parcels and 1,200 letters at a time. According to the Managing Director of Australia Post, Ahmed Fahour it will be introduced in major cities from early next year.

Mr Fahour said the boom in online shopping had transformed the nation’s postal service, which had become an eCommerce leader over the past decade.

“Last year, parcels generated more than half of our total revenue,” Mr Fahour said.

He said that while letter volumes had nearly halved, Australia Post was looking at ways to keep its delivery people working.

“The e-vehicles are already successfully used in New Zealand, Germany and Switzerland, with international postal authorities seeing benefits including greater carrying capacity, improved rider safety and lower vehicle emissions,” Mr Fahour said.

Update: March 9, 2017 - These 3 wheeler electric vehicles are to be trialled in Hobart for three months from March 20, 2017 and then in other states of Australia as from April 2017. The top speed is 45km/h and the battery life is around 9 hrs before a charge is required.
                                                   Original story and image courtesy: Motion Digest


Volvo adds hybrid power to SuperTruck concept

Added by admin 7/03/16

John Anderson - March 2nd, 2017

Commercial trucks may not be as plentiful as cars in the US, making up just 7 percent of vehicles on the road, but they consume 25 percent of the fuel due largely to an average fuel economy of 6 mpg, according to the Union for Concerned Scientists. Volvo has sought to do something about this with its SuperTruck concept, which has now been fitted with a prototype hybrid powertrain that would reduce fuel consumption by 5 to 10 percent by allowing the diesel engine to shut off up to 30 percent of the time.

Volvo started its SuperTruck concept project in 2011, with testing beginning in 2015 ahead of an official unveiling last year. Prompted by a US Department of Energy challenge, the goal of the project is to find ways to improve freight efficiency by 50 percent, mostly by improving aerodynamics and reducing weight. Under the same DOE challenge, Freightliner has also been working on its own SuperTruck.

By adding the hybrid powertrain system, energy can be recovered when the truck is braking or driving downhill, which then allows the vehicle to go all-electric on level or low gradient roads for up to 6.2 miles (10 km). Combined with previous improvements to the body of the vehicle, both the fuel consumption and CO2 are reduced by about 30 percent.

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                                                   Story and image courtesy: New Atlas


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