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Amazon Patents Drone to Recharge Electric Cars While Driving

Added by admin 23/10/17


There are a few obstacles standing between electric cars and world domination—range anxiety, rare earth supplies, Donald Trump—but perhaps the greatest is the lengthy time it currently takes for EVs to cop a charge. Even the fastest charging stations around, such as Tesla's famed Superchargers, take the better part of an hour to give an electric vehicle the same amount of range a gas-powered car can slurp up in five minutes at the pump. Automakers and other companies are hard at work developing more potent power-ups, but even these—like Porsche's 800-volt chargers for the new Mission E—will still take several minutes to top up a battery pack.

But what if electric cars could top up their metaphorical tanks not just faster than internal-combustion vehicles...but could recharge without even stopping at all?

It's not a new idea—companies such as Qualcomm have explored wireless chargers built into the road surface to provide power on the go—but none of the past ideas have been quite as creative as an electric car-recharging drone system patented by Amazon, which recently received the stamp of approval from the United States Patent Office and was dug up by Greentech Media.

In a nutshell, the patent—which was filed in late June 2014 but was formally granted in early October of this year—describes a method in which electric vehicles would contact a central server when their batteries were running too low to reach their intended destination, prompting a computer to dispatch an unmanned flying machine with a supplementary battery pack. The drone and the car would wirelessly exchange information to sync up their speeds and locations; once they rendezvous, the car would deploy a retractable charger, and the drone would plug into the vehicle while in motion to pass along the needed juice. (The actual patent filing goes into the system in far greater detail using rather obtuse language, but if you're so inclined, you can read it all here.)

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                                                   Story and image courtesy: THE DRIVE


NRMA to build Australia's largest fast charging network

Added by admin 20/10/17

The NRMA has today announced that it will establish Australia’s largest electric vehicle fast-charging network, suitable for a range of electric vehicles and free for NRMA Members.

More than 95 per cent of NRMA Member road trips will be covered by the network. The $10 million investment will deliver at least 40 chargers, more than double the size of the current network of chargers in NSW and the ACT.

The network will unlock Australia for electric vehicles, enabling stress-free journeys whether motorists are doing the daily city commute, or visiting beaches on the South Coast, weekend getaways to our world-class wine regions or snow trips to the mountains.

We intend for the network to deliver significant benefits for Members and the community, removing the barrier of fuel costs, investing in renewable energy and supporting tourism by unlocking regional locations that are currently inaccessible to electric vehicles.”

A fast charging station is already in operation at the NRMA’s new headquarters at Sydney Olympic Park. The NRMA will be taking a phased approach to the rollout of the network, with initial charger sites to include Sydney, the Blue Mountains, the ACT, the Illawarra, Mid North Coast and Newcastle.

The NRMA is calling for potential partners to express their interest in working with the NRMA to support the roll out of the network.

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                                                   Story and image courtesy: NRMA


Volkswagen to launch heavy-duty electric trucks and buses

Added by admin 13/10/17

Posted: 11 Oct 2017 10:38 PM PDT

Volkswagen Truck & Bus are working on electric solutions for use in both medium- and heavy-duty distribution transport and city buses. It will soon have a complete range of electric vehicles for the European market. The jointly developed e-drivetrain will form the basis of any electric architecture in the future.

This electric powertrain is designed in a way that means that it can be used to drive future distribution trucks and city buses manufactured by the Volkswagen Truck & Bus brands as a universal modular element. Navistar, Volkswagen’s strategic partner in the U.S., will also use the platform to be able to offer electric distribution trucks from 2019 onwards.

MAN is already well on its way to developing an electric distribution truck. “We plan to deliver the first nine fully electric trucks to our customers in Austria by the end of 2017 - including large supermarket chains, breweries and haulers.

Electric drives and distribution are a match made in heaven: The drives are quiet, do not produce any emissions locally, and are a perfect fit for customers’ requirements. Equally, demand for these types of vehicles has been on the rise. We will be launching the first small set of vehicles on the market at the end of 2018,” Joachim Drees, CEO of MAN Truck & Bus, explained.

World premiere in Hamburg for the electric distribution truck, the e-Delivery

With the fast-growing emerging economies in mind, another electrically powered distribution truck has been developed, which had its world premiere under the model designation Volkswagen e-Delivery at the Innovation Day. The e-Delivery is a modern truck for urban logistics designed to improve sustainability in the delivery of goods. It will be built at Volkswagen Caminhões e Onibus in Brazil in 2020. Roberto Cortes, CEO of MAN Latin America: “The e-Delivery marks a milestone in the history of Volkswagen Caminhões e Ônibus. This is a brand-new platform that was developed in Brazil with the aim of offering new mobility alternatives to large cities.”

Both MAN and Scania will be testing the module on pre-series production versions of a city bus that runs on electric batteries (BEV) under everyday conditions in several European cities. Series production of these electric buses is due to start before 2020. Both brands can already offer comprehensive advice on introducing electric mobility solutions, along with the necessary charging requirements for electric buses, to bus operators and communities. As part of this endeavor, the focus is on being able to offer a variety of options, such as charging the buses overnight in depots or charging mid-route at bus stops.

Initiatives are under way to find a different way to electrify heavy-duty trucks to make sure that their range and load capacity can become suitable for long-haul traffic. The buzzword for this area of development is “e-road”, which focuses on the use of overhead power lines, as in the rail sector. Trucks powered by overhead lines can run with zero emissions, and any batteries can be charged depending exactly on how many emission-free kilometers still lie ahead. A test route for electric Scania trucks already exists in Sweden. Test routes have also been announced in Germany.

Drive systems of the future will not be uniform, since their aim is to achieve an intelligent transition from diesel engines to alternative drive systems and fuels. “Volkswagen Truck & Bus has announced its aim of becoming number one in the field of alternative drive systems,” Andreas Renschler explained. “The company already has a broadly diversified portfolio, which offers the best possible foundation for this endeavor.”

Transparent structures, clearly defined goals and a wealth of both tried and tested expertise and pioneering technology: Volkswagen Truck & Bus is rapidly becoming a Global Champion. This three-pronged approach, which combines automated transportation, digital services, and environmentally-friendly alternative drive systems, will reduce costs, make rising transport volumes manageable and protect the environment. In implementing the approach, the Group and its brands will set new benchmarks and be able to offer the right solution for every customer.
                                                   Story and image courtesy: Electric Vehicle News


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