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Electric Vehicle Associations


Australian Electric Vehicle Association (AEVA) - www.aeva.asn.au
AEVA (SA) - www.sa.aeva.asn.au


Electric Auto Association (EAA) - www.electricauto.org

See also http://www.aevasa.kestar.com.au/links.htm for more links...


Online Magazines


GoAutoNews by John Mellor -www.goautomedia.com-News
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RenewEconomy - http://reneweconomy.com.au
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Electric & Hybrid Vehicle Technology International by UKIP Media Events -
          www.ukipme.com/mag_electric.htm  From here you can read, download  (while reading)
and subscribe. This magazine has a wealth of articles and knowledge.
  ...example of PDF download: January 2013 edition. (Large file: 100Mb)



EV Parts Outlets


EV Works - www.evworks.com.au

EV Power - www.evpower.com.au


EV Source - www.evsource.com


See also http://www.aevasa.kestar.com.au/parts.htm for more links...


Hybrid Conversion

Prius PHEV Options -  www.eaa-phev.org/wiki/Template:Prius_PHEV_Options

Plug-in Supply Inc
 was involved with Prius plug-in conversions from 2007 until 2017. They have now closed that part of the business, and will not be supplying Prius conversion kits any more.



Other links from around the world

EV Finder - www.evfinder.com

EV World - www.evworld.com

Electric Forum - www.electricforum.com/

Your Mechanic -  Electric Cars and How They Work  by Maddy Martin

See also http://www.aevasa.kestar.com.au/links.htm for more links...


Battery/BMS Information

The Battery Clinic (NZ) - thebatteryclinic.co.nz
 Note: This site refers to model NHW10 as Gen 1 and model NHW11 as Gen 2 when in actual
          fact they are both Gen 1 Prius. Prius model NHW20 is the Gen 2 (2004 - 2009)

L-Ion BMS - http://liionbms.com Very good information website

Hybrid Battery Depot - www.hybridbatterydepot.com Includes Toyota Prius documentation

GreenTec Auto - Hybrid battery suppliers  http://greentecauto.com

See also http://www.aevasa.kestar.com.au/links.htm for more links...

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