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Bustech lands $176M deal to build electric buses for Malaysia

Added by admin 06/01/15

Australian bus manufacturer, Bustech has been chosen as the lead design and manufacturing partner for a $170 million electric bus project.
Announcing the project, Bustech CEO Michael McGee said the project would position Bustech as an innovative regional leader in the use of renewable energy for buses.
“The E-Bus project is an international research and development project co-funded by the Malaysian and Australian players and governments, which aims to develop an electric bus for trial operations in Malaysia,” he said.
Bustech, part of Transit Australia Group, has partnered with the Malaysia Automotive Institute (MAI) (a Malaysian government body),
Swinburne University of Technology and AutoCRC and a private Malaysian company to develop and test the E-Bus project in Malaysia.
Swinburne University is providing the electric bus technology to the project and will work closely with Bustech throughout the trials of the prototype vehicle.

On the Gold Coast to inspect the Bustech facility, Malaysian Automotive Institute CEO M Madani Sahari said if successful, the electric bus could be exported to other countries.
“This partnership is a win-win for both Australia and Malaysia because it develops opportunities that have benefits for both countries,” he said.
Mr Sahari said that Malaysian industry was spending 500 million ringgit ($AUD170 million) on establishing an electric bus public transport system, including infrastructure such as charging stations.
Transit Australia Group is working closely with a Malaysian manufacturer in exploring opportunities to commercialise the technology.

AutoCRC, whose role it is to identify and develop opportunities for the Australian automotive industry, helped broker the deal by bringing the MAI and Bustech together.
AutoCRC research director Gary White said Bustech was well-suited to the project, with high-end capabilities in the manufacturing process.
“Our long-term vision at AutoCRC is to re-build manufacturing in Australia and this project is a perfect illustration, with Bustech’s manufacturing facility capable of delivering high-quality, innovative products,” Dr White said.
The first bus is planned to roll off the production line in July 2015, with trials to begin in September.

                                                   Story and image courtesy: Electric Vehicle News


Musk hints at robotic charging arm for all Model S cars

Added by admin 05/01/15

By David Szondy - January 1, 2015

Showing his penchant for dropping bombshells on Twitter, Tesla Motors founder and CEO Elon Musk revealed that the company is working on a robotic arm for recharging its Model S electric cars.
The problem with electric cars isn't just the lack of charging stations, it's also the need to remember to plug them in once they're at the charge point or home in the garage. Besides needing juice to tool about town, the banks lithium-ion batteries in the high-end electric cars are using up charge even when sitting still to make sure the batteries stay cool. This means that one evening's inattention can result in a very depressing morning as touching the pedal reveals a dead machine.
To help avoid this, Tesla Motors is apparently working on a robotic system that does away with all that tedious finding the cable, plugging it into the car, and switching on the charger. In a tweet on Wednesday, Musk said, "Btw, we are actually working on a charger that automatically moves out from the wall & connects like a solid metal snake. For realz (sic)." This was followed up by a second tweet that said, "This can be used with all existing Model S cars, not just future ones."
Of course, details are lacking at this point, but it appears to be halfway point between the battery-swapping systems that Tesla has been experimenting with and the automatic petrol pumps being developed by some companies. What is particularly intriguing is that the robotic "snake" will be compatible with all Model S cars, which indicates a fairly high degree of sophistication.
                                                   Story and image courtesy: gizmag


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