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Toyota Prius Taxi has travelled over 1 Million Kms

Added by admin 18/07/1

In a new video posted by Toyota Austria, a taxi driver claims to have covered 1 million kilometers (more than 600,000 miles) in his 2007 Toyota Prius - all with the original battery pack.

What's more, the driver, Manfred Dvorak, claims the Prius has never broken down. "For me, the Prius is the ultimate sidekick," he says.

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                         Story courtesy: Electric Vehicle News and image: Toyota Austria (from video)



Electric planes cross English Channel for first time

Maggy Donaldson, The Associated Press
Published Friday, July 10, 2015 12:18PM EDT

Added by admin 11/07/15

Image: Pilot Didier Estyene celebrates after landing the E-Fan electrically powered plane following his successful crossing of The Channel from Lydd Airport in Kent. (Gareth Fuller)

CALAIS, France -- Airbus flew its electric plane across the English Channel for the first time Friday -- hours after an independent French pilot made a similar voyage, beating the aeronautics giant in this symbolically important step toward making electronic flight viable in the long term.
Several companies in different countries are developing electric planes, in hopes of offering a fuel-free flight alternative for the future -- and the battle to perform world "firsts" in electric planes is heating up as the technology becomes more durable.
Amid fanfare, European planemaker Airbus flew its E-fan plane from Lydd, England, to the French port of Calais on Friday morning. The plane operates exclusively on batteries, and since there's no oil or water, the 20-foot long, 1300-pound jet releases zero emissions.
About 12 hours before Airbus' Channel flight, French pilot Hugues Duval took his two-engine, one-seat Cricri plane from Calais to Dover and back.
Because he lacked authorization to take off from Calais, another fuel-driven plane towed his 100-kilogram (220-pound) Cricri for the start of the trip, he told The Associated Press. Then he flew autonomously back to Calais and landed safely.
He said he reached a speed of 150 kilometres (90 miles) an hour on his 52-kilometre (31-mile) journey.
Duval told The AP that his successful flight was a "relief" and an "important moment" after years of fine-tuning the plane and flying it over land.
Airbus officials gathered in Calais to celebrate the landing of the E-fan would not comment on Duval's trip.
The E-fan took its maiden voyage in March 2014, and has taken off 100 times since its latest flight at the Paris Air Show last month. Airbus aims to put the two-seater on the market in 2017, targeting sales at training facilities for entry-level pilots.
"It's a great victory, but it's also a start. For us it's an adventure that permits us" to imagine commercial flight on electric or hybrid planes, said pilot Didier Esteyne, who flew the Airbus plane Friday. "It's really the beginning of great innovations."
The choice of flight path was not coincidental: In 1909, French pilot Louis Bleriot was the first person to fly a plane across the English Channel.

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                                                   Story and image courtesy: CP24


Future Nissan LEAF Envisioned With 338 Miles Of Range

Added by admin 04/07/15

The upcoming 2016 Nissan LEAF is expected to get an available 30 kWh battery when it launches this Fall. This should boost its range to over 100 miles (105 to 110 is what we’re predicting for its EPA rating). But beyond the 2016 LEAF, it seems there’s much more range coming from Nissan.
Nissan CEO Carlos Ghosn recently spoke in Japan at the 116th Ordinary General Meeting of Shareholders.
Only a small portion of his discussion focused on electric cars and the Nissan LEAF, but it was during this part of his talk that we learned Nissan has improved electric range on its mind.
“This video shows how we (Nissan) envision a routine day” – Carlos Ghosn from Nissan’s 116th Ordinary General Meeting of Shareholders.”


The LEAF discussion begins at the beginning of this video (30:00) and gets real interesting at 31:05 where Nissan plays a clip showing a LEAF display with 544 km (338 miles) of range.
Of course, that’s a JC08 figure, which is highly optimistic, but we can quite accurately covert it to a predicted EPA rating. On the JC08, the 2015 LEAF is rated at 228 km (142 miles), but only 84 miles per the EPA. The readout on the dash of the LEAF in the video says 544 km (presumably on JC08). That would translate to 200 miles on the EPA cycle. Still more than double the range of today’s LEAF, but don’t expect 338 miles to be achievable in real-world driving.
We expect the next-generation 2017 Nissan LEAF to boost significantly improved range over today’s model, but will 200 miles be on its EPA sticker? We sure hope so.

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                                                   Story and image courtesy: Inside EVs


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