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UK To Test Dynamic Wireless Charging For Electric Cars

Added by admin 12/08/15

Trials of technology needed to power electric and hybrid vehicles wirelessly on England’s major roads are due to take place later this year.

The trials are the first of their kind and will test how the technology would work safely and effectively on the country’s motorways and major A roads, allowing drivers of ultra-low emission vehicles to travel long distances without needing to stop and charge the car’s battery.

The trials follow the completion of the feasibility study commissioned by Highways England into ‘dynamic wireless power transfer’ technologies.

Transport Minister Andrew Jones said:

The potential to recharge low emission vehicles on the move offers exciting possibilities. The government is already committing £500 million over the next five years to keep Britain at the forefront of this technology, which will help boost jobs and growth in the sector. As this study shows, we continue to explore options on how to improve journeys and make low-emission vehicles accessible to families and businesses.

Highways England Chief Highways Engineer Mike Wilson said:

Vehicle technologies are advancing at an ever increasing pace and we’re committed to supporting the growth of ultra-low emissions vehicles on our England’s motorways and major A roads.

                                                   Story and image courtesy: Electric Vehicle News


World's Fastest Charging Electric Bus Takes 10 seconds to Charge

Added by admin 02/08/15

The bus converts more than 80% of the braking/potential energy generated during braking and traveling down slopes into electric and store it for recycling, and thus cutting down electric energy consumption by 30%-50% compared to the conventional bus under the same operating conditions.

In 2013 ABB unveiled a similar wireless electric bus with 15 second Flash charging.

Supercapacitor technology has been tested in Shanghai for more than eight years, clocking up more than eight million kilometers. The organic super capacitors - the core component of the bus - are fabricated from high-performance carbon material, can be recharged and discharged repeatedly more than one million times, are adaptable to all environmental conditions (-40~65°C) and have a service life up to 12 years as long as that of the bus itself. The bus has one-tenth the energy cost of a diesel bus with lifetime fuel savings of $200,000.
                                                   Story and image courtesy: Electric Vehicle News


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